Setcreasea is a native of central-southern Mexico and makes an easy-to-grow colorful groundcover in each of its several forms. The colorful plants creep along the ground on lax stems and produce small but attractive light lavender, butterfly-attracting flowers. This weeping tendency can be put to good use in the garden if you let your setcreasea cascade over a wall, or plant it in a sloping bed. Setcreasea grows well in sun or part shade, but its coloration is best in full sun. Setcreasea is drought-tolerant, but looks best with regular watering. If your setcreasea gets overgrown, tattered or spindly, don’t hesitate to cut it back. The best time to prune is right after the flowering stops. The purple, deer-resistant leaves of setcreasea pair well with rudbeckia, daisies, daylilies, elephant ears, or any other white/yellow colored perennial.


Plant Details:

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