Veronica graces the garden with spires of flowers that bloom spring through fall.  Veronica  come in beautiful shades of blue, pink, purple, and white. Veronica is a flower that does great in full sun and is low maintenance. Plant this anywhere you need a bunch of showy blooms for the growing season. Depending on the …

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Digitalis plants are a classic of the cottage garden. Flowers range in colors from creamy yellow, pink, rose to maroon. The tall flower spikes with charming tubular flowers of Foxglove add both height and vertical accent to your garden without staking. Perennial Digitalis blooms attract hummingbirds and bees and an added bonus, the deer do …



Chenille Plant is often called Red Fuzzies for its trailing red flowers. It’s a great solo hanging basket either for a bright window indoors or a shade to part sun location outside for the summer. Use 3 plants for an 8 inch hanging basket. Keep Chenille Plant evenly moist or allow to dry down slightly …

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Daisies are perhaps the most cheerful plant on the planet. Gardeners cultivate them in stately flowerbeds. Daisies grow wild, bringing light and life to the scenery.

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