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Used often as a groundcover or an edging plant, liriope is popular for good reason. It stays green year-round in many climates, produces pretty blue or white flowers, and is about as tough a plant as you’ll hope to meet. Its dense tufts of almost-evergreen, broadly grassy leaves are often striped. Stiff stems bear tight …

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The dianthus plant is the quintessential cottage flower. Dianthus is treasured for its grasslike, blue-green foliage and abundant starry flowers, which are often spicily fragrant. Dianthus plants range from tiny creeping groundcovers to 30-inch-tall cut flowers, which are a favorite with florists. Plants are often pink in color, and the petals have a fringed look …

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Ajuga has a deep colored foliage that makes a beautiful groundcover. The foliage is generally crinkled and very glossy as well. However, if you think this is just a foliage plant, you would get quite the surprise as spring eases into summer. Then, ajuga is covered in little spikes of bright blue, purple, pink or …

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Achillea is a classic garden perennial known for its beautiful blooms.  This is the perfect plant for low maintenance gardens that needs lots of colorful blooms! Plant this in full sun and enjoy it all season long. With its tall stems of colorful flowers and fern-like foliage, it works especially well in a cottage garden …

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Asiatic jasmine is not a true jasmine, but it is a popular, fast spreading, hardy groundcover. Jasmine is low a maintenance trailing foliage that does great in the sun or shade. Asiatic jasmine is an excellent addition to any warm weather garden. Keep reading to learn more about Asiatic jasmine care and how to grow …



Muhlbergia has another common name known as ‘Muhly Grass’. The fine blades of this ornamental grass unite to be reminiscent of a windblown casual hairdo. Native to western North America, muhlbergia tolerates drought and thrives in well-drained soil. Plant this easy-to-grow perennial grass in large drifts for year-round texture and movement in the landscape. Several …



Carex is a grass-like plant that sways in the wind and pairs nicely with coarse-texture plants like hostas. This tough and versatile plant acts as a groundcover, filling in around other perennials and eliminating the need for mulch. Carex also provides shelter and food for small animals and pollinators.


          Helichrysum ‘Licorice’ is great for hot, sunny environments. This licorice plant will blow you away with its amazingly soft, densely-felted foliage which brings tons of texture and interest to any are where it is planted. Helichrysum does great plant in containers as a spiller, but also works great as a …


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